Animation Workshop

July 25-30, M-F 12-3

The Floating Shape Workshop is a children’s animation workshop ran by Mark Neeley, an artist-educator, animator and author/illustrator. Based on the “animation workshop” class that Mark teaches at a local school, the FSW is designed for summer camps and other special children’s events. In the workshop, children will learn the art of the moving image, beginning with fun projects like flipbooks and zoetropes. Gradually, they will begin preparing and ultimately filming their own short stop motion film using materials of their choice such as clay or cutouts. All materials, including the computer animation program included. Each class will also begin with an educational viewing of various short cartoons from around the world. This workshop is great for children who love cartoons and have expressed an interest in making their own!

Call to register (513)652-8539


Learning to make all of the things! 

Zippered Bags…..

Wednesday  2/15 from 5-7:00 $25

Sewing Club 

Tuesday’s from 4-5:00

$20 hand (and sometimes machine) sewing for ages 7 & up! 

A Girl and her Robot…


Wednesday  2/8 and 3/1 

From 5-7:00 $25 machine sewing 

Plush Pop Tarts!

Saturday 2/25

From 3-4:30 $25 machine sewing 

ages 8 & up

Duct Tape Flower Pots with Amy 

Saturday 2/18

From 10-12:00 

$15. Ages 6 & up

Sewing Club

Tuesday’s from 4-5:00


Sign up by calling (513)652-8539. 

Martha Hill  

Welcome Martha Hill’s Intuitive Paintings to the shop! 
Friday, February 17th from 7-9:00
Martha Hill is the owner of Balanced Spirit Studio, an Intuitive Painter and a Reiki Practitioner. Intuitive Painting is the process of connecting with one’s intuition and inner self, uncovering images that flow from one’s creativity and introspection, and then expressing it on canvas. She has been creating her whole life, whether it be in fiber, pencil or painting.
Martha received her BA in Art History and her MS in Library Science from the University of Kentucky. She is a level 2 Reiki Practitioner and the proud mother of two amazing daughters.

Craft Menagerie

Craft Menagerie Last Minute Holiday Market is coming up on December 17, 2016 at Arnold’s Bar and Grill from 11-4pm! ROBOT Inside will be in the company of 20 local artists, Mad Tree Brewing has beer specials and Arnold’s will be serving up delicious food! 

This show is my favorite event! I have been curating craft events at Arnold’s Bar and Grill for 6 years now! I love putting together a unique showcase of artists! All items are handmade and no two are alike! Come on down and finish your last minute holiday shopping and support local businesses! ❤️

A Saturday at ROBOT Inside….

It starts with an idea that turns into a phone call that becomes an introduction and The next thing you know, you have a Class or a Workshop! 

Give us a call for lessons, booking an event or just stopping by to paint a critter! We are always up for a little company! 

(513)652-8539 or

Summer is HERE! 

Let’s make something! 

Sign up for our classes, camps and workshops online or by calling (513)652-8539!! Pre-registration is helpful and required for some classes! Some of our instructors require a minimum amount of students to hold a class, so signing up in advance will guarantee the classes you want to take will be offered!

Mark Neeley is coming to ROBOT Inside!!



Please join us for a reading of “Tunnel-Ball”, the new picture book written and illustrated by Mark Neeley, at the lovely Robot Inside on Saturday, May 14, 2016 at 11am. This will be a good time for children and just about anyone of all ages!

Among the festivities will be …

– An interactive reading of the book by the author
– TB-related activities to follow the reading, such as coloring pages and creating your own baseball card
– There will be pretty Tunnel-Ball cookies and other refreshments
– There will be a handmade, life-size Topps card photo booth for all attendees
– There will be balloons to take home
– Hardcover copies of the book will be for sale, of course, with felt pennants given away with every purchase

Feel free to join in the spirit by attending in your favorite baseball attire, if you so desire.