The story began a long, long time ago, when my great grandmother’s love of sewing was passed down thru the generations of my family to me. At the small age of 6, I was taught to sew and I have been sewing ever since.

Teaching people to sew is my calling. I meet people and wonder if they are my next student. The universe sends all kinds of folks my way and I learn from each of them as we travel the road of sewing together.

I believe everyone has a passion inside of them for creating- some folks will bring that fire to whatever they do! I come alive when I imagine what a piece of fabric can become! When you visit ROBOT Inside, you are walking into my mind’s eye- a colorful, joyful place where everything smells like incense, colors dance with your senses and discovery is welcome! Let’s sew something together! All are welcome ❤ Tara

My name is Tara Heilman and I am a sewist. I create wonderful creatures from fabric and found objects. My children asked how I knew what I was going to make next and I told them there is a robot inside of me that tells me what to do…this is my ROBOT Inside. What are we going to make next? Come visit ROBOT Inside and meet your Robot. We are waiting for you…<3


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