Girl Scouts Workshop

I love Girl Scouts! Teaching hand sewing at the Girl Scout Center is one of my favorite things to do! I travel to Girl Scout Troops and help them earn badges with hand and machine sewing, embroidery, and lots of crafting!

I can come to your Girl Scout Troop, too! Pricing starts at $10 per Person and I will help you with fun patches or earned badges. I am a veteran Girl Scout Leader and a partner with Girl Scouts of Western Ohio! You can find me in the activity guide.

Tonight’s sip’n’stitch…

Let’s hang out and work on that project you’ve been putting off! Bring a friend!Bring a project! Bring a snack to share if you feel inclined!


*don’t worry, you will be home in time to watch “Making It!”

Adults only, please!

Holiday hours this week

Hey friends!

We are closed for retail hours this week! If you have an appointment or event scheduled, we will be open for you, but for the rest of the world, we are taking the Holiday to spend with family!

Day Camps!

We are having Felt Mini Day camps! Sign up for the whole week or just one day!

June 11-15 from 10-1:00

Monday–Make Cactus, Succulents, Tiny Plants

Tuesday–Sea Creatures including Squid, Seahorse, Jellyfish and Starfish

Wednesday–Cookies, Donuts, Cupcakes and Pop Tarts

Thursday–Woodland Creatures including Fox, Owls, Bears and Deer

Friday– Campers, Narwhals, Unicorns!

Sign up for one day for $30 or the whole week for $125. Sibling discounts are available.

One Day Sign Up

One Week Sign Up