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My name is Tara Heilman and I am a crafter. My children asked how I knew what I was going to make next and I told them there is a robot inside of me that tells me what to do…this is my ROBOT Inside. In 2009, I decided to make crafting my livelihood and Robot Inside Crafting Company was born.

In my crafty empire, I curate craft shows, teach workshops on crafting, write passionately about being a crafter and support other crafters building crafty empires of their own. My work has been featured on television, in newspapers & magazines, in galleries, craft shows and conventions throughout the Midwest.

I am currently leading a planner workshop series teaching the art of time blocking, goal mapping and taking simple steps to get what you want from your time. For 12 years, I have been learning how to set achievable goals for myself and fulfilling my own expectations for a day in the life of a busy crafter, event planner, mom, and partner. I would be nowhere without my trusty planner and a simplistic approach to getting things done. I’d love to share this with you! Come see me at Midwest Craft Con 2020 in Dublin, OH. I’ll be teaching crafters like me how to navigate the choppy waters of planner life! To sign up for a workshop locally, contact me at robotinside13@gmail.com.

In addition to all this, I am a craft event planner! I have planned shows such as The Good People Festival, Neltner’s Farm Fall Festival, and Craft Menagerie’s Holiday Market at the famous Arnold’s Bar and Grill. Other shows I have curated include Craft Menagerie at Bockfest, Beats, Arts & Eats (Blue Ash, OH) and Groovin’ on the Green (Fairfield, OH).

ROBOT Inside is a community partner with Girl Scouts of Western Ohio. I teach hand sewing at the Girl Scout Center in Cincinnati, Ohio and travel to Troops in the GSWO area to teach them crafting including sewing, crochet, and embroidery. My studio is currently located at the Morrow Arts Center in Morrow, Ohio. In addition to teaching Girl Scouts, I find great joy in teaching people of all abilities to craft. I love making crafts with all of my friends from LADD (Loving Arrangements for the Developmentally Disabled), PLAN of Southwest Ohio, TALL Institute, Starfire and My Independence.

I have collaborated with many local artists and galleries including Neltner Small Batch, Warnick Art, Wax Nostalgia 1994 at BLDG, For The Children (A Wu-Tang Clan inspired art show), A Tribute to The Bends (Radiohead) and have had my work featured in local shops including Joseph-Beth Booksellers, Red Tree Art Gallery, Broadhope Art Collective and Dandy Haberdashery. My next art show will be at the Main Branch of the Public Library in Cincinnati, OH and hosted by Wave Pool. It is a tribute to the controversial radical Cincinnati based newspaper “the independent eye” published in the late 60’s. You can read more about it here.

I make a full line of custom plush including, but never limited to, Giant Squid! These two lovelies were the first and they found new homes at NKY Comic Con! Past shows where you can find me slinging plush include Crafty Supermarket, the OFF Market, The City Flea, Craft Menagerie, Beats, Arts & Eats, Neltner’s Farm Fall Festival, The Good People Festival & Folksiders.

I’ve built a dreamy existence for myself out here in rural Ohio. You can find me in my studio at the Morrow Arts Center, hanging out at my homestead in Maineville, Ohio, riding the Beast at Kings Island and building my crafty empire!

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  1. Hello can you please Send me a link to purchase Adult and Childs size mask. If you have then for sale.

    You can find how to order them on our FB page!

  2. I have a payment of $20 on my pay pal account to you what is it for? I don’t remember ordering anytime from you.

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