Mark Neeley is coming to ROBOT Inside!!



Please join us for a reading of “Tunnel-Ball”, the new picture book written and illustrated by Mark Neeley, at the lovely Robot Inside on Saturday, May 14, 2016 at 11am. This will be a good time for children and just about anyone of all ages!

Among the festivities will be …

– An interactive reading of the book by the author
– TB-related activities to follow the reading, such as coloring pages and creating your own baseball card
– There will be pretty Tunnel-Ball cookies and other refreshments
– There will be a handmade, life-size Topps card photo booth for all attendees
– There will be balloons to take home
– Hardcover copies of the book will be for sale, of course, with felt pennants given away with every purchase

Feel free to join in the spirit by attending in your favorite baseball attire, if you so desire.

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