Have a theme park kind of day…

I love  coming across the ferry on an early Florida morning, the smell of sunscreen and small children in the air. As you round the bend, the anticipation grows and your heart picks up the pace. The castle has been spotted and a magic has been released, filling the day with wonder and awe.

If you’re not too jaded, things like a mouse’s garden, spinning tea cups and a sword in a stone will woo you. If you hang with adults most of the time, it may take Stitch sneezing on you, a hug from a Pooh bear or sighting Ariel’s grotto.

For me, it’s the music!! As soon as I hear “When You Wish Upon a Star”, I am instantly choking back tears, transported to Sunday nights watching Disney specials with my family, dreaming of castles and ballrooms and fairy godmothers.

As Disney acquires my favorite things into it’s repertoire, I adoringly skip along, collecting scattered soundtracks, figurines and t-shirts.(Let’s face it- there’s also sweatshirts, umbrellas, toys, games, books and movies, but who’s counting!) Here’s one of my favorites!

I will be moving today, growing my ROBOT in new directions. While it can be scary sometimes, I know this is the right move for us. Like Rapunzel says, “and with every waking hour, I’m so glad I left my tower! Cause way down deep inside, I’ve got a dream!” I hope your day is dreamy, too!

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I create GIant Squid, Mermaids, Seahorse and all manner of woodland and seafaring Friends! Find them on my totes, pillows, plush and waiting for you! I have a small shop in Sharonville, Ohio where I teach sewing lessons, host parties and Scout activities!

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