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My name is Tara Heilman and I have been a crafter all my life. My children asked how I knew what I was going to make next and I told them there is a robot inside of me that tells me what to do – my ROBOT Inside. In 2009, I decided to make crafting my livelihood and Robot Inside Crafting Company was born.

As a busy crafter, I’m always up to something – some days you’ll find me building my empire while working with community groups, other times I’m busy teaching groups about time management and most often I’m making things for an upcoming show I’m participating in (or in charge of!)

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My studio is currently located at the Morrow Arts Center in Morrow, Ohio. Come see me at Midwest Craft Con 2020 in Dublin, OH. I’ll be teaching crafters of all stripes how to navigate the choppy waters of craft show planner life!

Check out some of my creations below! You’ll find my pieces from gallery shows here.