Classes and Workshop

Classes and Workshops

We have a whole new gaggle of classes!

May 2019

Aromatherapy Bracelets with Becca’s Blues


5/2/19 6-8:00

Let’s make an Aromatherapy Bracelet with Becca’s Blues! All supplies included. Ages 12+

Aromatherapy Bracelet Class


Paint Pour with Amy

5/4/19  11-1:00

learn the relaxing technique of paint pouring!  All supplies included!

Paint Pour with Amy


Crochet Magic: Market Bag

5/4/19 & 5/11/19

I’m this two part class, we will learn to make a crocheted cotton market bag and then hand dye it!

All supplies are included. Ages 12+ Intermediate Level Pattern

Crochet Magic Market Bag

5/4/19 & 5/11/19




Craft 101: CD Tiles

5/7/19   6-8:00

learn to make CD tiles using covers from your favorite CD papers and resin. We will make 4 tiles and seal them. Tiles may be picked up After 48 hours. All supplies included. You should bring your own Cd covers or you may choose from our selection. Ages 16+

Cd Tiles


Sewing 101: Patches

5/9/19  6:00-8:00

Bring your favorite pile of patches and your jean jacket- we will help you with placement & show you how to sew those bad boys on!!! Some patches will be available to purchase. Ages 10+

Sewing 101: Patches


Open Craft Night

5/10/19  5-8:00 NEW TIME!!

Bring a project and a friend and let’s get crafty! No instruction, just community! Adults only please!


Crochet Magic: Reusable Dustmop Pads

5/16/19  6-8:00

We are making Reusable swifter pads! Wanna save the earth, too?! Then join us as Sirrea Monroe helps us navigate the magical world of crochet! All supplies included. Ages 10+

Crochet Magic: Dustmop Pads


Planner Class Check In

5/18/19  3-4:00

we are practicing using our planners, setting achievable goals and the steps to take to reach them! Bring a planner. We meet once a month! Ages 16+

$10 per person (one time payment for the whole year) please call the shop at (513)218-7685.

Macrame Hanging Planter Holder with Amy

5/18/19   12-2:00

Amy Gable teaches us the art of macrame in this beginner class. We will learn how to use ropes and knotting to make a hanging planter holder. All supplies included. Ages 12+

Macrame Planter



Crochet Magic: Polymer Crochet Hooks

5/21/19  6-8:00

We are making our very own custom crochet hooks using metal hooks and polymer clay. We will finish 3 hooks! All supplies included. Ages 12+

Polymer Crochet Hooks


Clay Garden Markers with Amy

5/23/19  6-8:00

Crafy Lady Amy Gable is teaching us how to make clay garden markers! All supplies included, ages 12+

Clay Garden Markers


Crochet 101: Scrubbies

5/25/19  11-1:00

Sirrea Monroe teaches us the beginners stitched needed to make dish Scrubbies. No experience necessary. All supplies included.

Crochet 101: Scrubbies


Crafternoon: Slime

5/18/19  12-2:00

its gonna be gooey! Let’s make slime! All ages, all supplies included to make 2 kinds of slime to take home! Kids under 5 may need an adult helper to stay. Ages 6+ may be dropped off for this 2 hour session.

Crafternoon: Slime (one kid)


*multiple kid discounts available



5/28/19  6-8:00

join is for a very relaxing good time as we work in stitching projects. All stitchers welcome! No instruction, just community. Adults only please.


Crafternoon: Mini POP Tarts

5/30/19  1-3:00

Join us for some hand sewing sweetness making a mini pop tart! Learn to use safety eyes and all the hand sewing skills you will ever need. No experience necessary! All supplies included.

Crafternoon: Mini pop tarts


*multiple kid discounts available

Sewing 101: Mending

5/30/18  6-8:00

We will be learning how to hem by hand, sew on a button, repair simple tips & tears and the art of mending. Bring your mending needs- that pile that’s been building in your closet- bring up to 3 items to mend or use our scrap fabric. We will answer all of your questions and help you with any more complex mending needs, too! All other supplies included. Ages 14+ please.

Sewing 101: Mending



Book your very own Sewing 101 session. Call today!

Part 1- learning the machine

Basics of threading, bobbin making and stitch settings on my machine or yours.

Beginners Sewing 101

Learning to thread and use a sewing machine.



Part 2- Zippers

We will learn how to use a zipper foot and install a zipper by making a zippered bag.

1/17/18 6-7:30

Zipper Bags

Learn to use a zipper foot and make 2 zippered bags.



Part 3- Buttonholes

1/24/18 6-7:30

We will make an adjustable coffee cozy or cuff bracelet to hone our buttonholing skills.

Buttonhole Class

Learn how to make a buttonhole and sew on a button. Use these skills to make a coffee coozie.


All classes include most supplies. Please bring a spool of 250 yd thread and 3 bobbins if you are using your machine. If you are using my machines, I will supply the bobbins. Please call (513)218-7685 or email to confirm registration. (Required) $20 per person per class. Ages 8 & up

**these classes are designed to be taken in order. You should take Part 1 first or have the skills to proceed with parts 2 & 3.

You can check our Facebook page for more events and classes!

Homeschool, Girl Scout Troops, 4 H Clubs

Are you a homeschool group looking for sewing and crafting classes? We offer classes individually or for groups of 2-12. Let’s talk about it! Your group picks projects that are age appropriate and fun!

Happy Birthday!

Have your birthday party at ROBOT Inside! Invite 10 of your fave folks, pick a project and make something amazing for your birthday party! Parties are 2 hours and include time for a craft project, cupcake devouring and gift giving. Pricing starts at $200 for 10 people.

Sewing 101


Learn how to use your sewing machine or mine! Threading, making bobbins, straight stitching, following a pattern, pivoting and backstitching! We will make a pillow form and an envelope pillow cover in two hours. All supplies are included. $50 pre-registration is required for this course. You can register for this course online with paypal (buy now button), by calling (513)652-8539 or stopping by the shop. Specify day and time when you register- other hours are available!.Buy Now Button  What a Girl Can DO! 

Book an appointment, class, lesson, party or Troop activity

Robot Inside Crafting Company is a Community Partner with Girl Scouts of Western Ohio.  Please check back here and on their website for Troop opportunities! If your Troop would like to Make a Seahorse with me, I am booking now! I can accommodate up to 12 Girl Scouts + leaders at my shop and I am also available to come to you. Let me know how I can help you earn your sewing, painting and drawing badges!


*Whenever you see age restrictions on classes here at ROBOT Inside, it means that you may sign any child up, but we will require a parent to stay with any child under the age requirement. In some instances, the project may be considered too advanced  for certain age groups. We will work with you to find classes to fit your child’s needs. Just ask! 🙂


19 thoughts on “Classes and Workshop

  1. Julie Johnson says:

    Hi, I want to schedule my girl scout troop for sewing a seahorse. I also want to schedule a sewing birthday party for my daughter. Please call me at 379-5683
    Thanks, Julie Johnson


  2. Julie says:

    Hi Tara! We met at the Blue Ash Arts, Beats and Eats festival. My Junior troop is interested in setting something up, but needed to know dates that you have available, prices, etc.

    Are you able to email me some more information so we can start planning?

    Thanks, Julie


  3. Kelly murphy says:

    Hello, one of my second grade Girl Scout really wants us to plan a group outing here. Could you please forward me some information in regards to scheduling to make a sea horse 🙂
    Thank you
    Kelly troop 42081


  4. Beth Niermann says:

    Hi, I would love to bring my Daisy troop however our troop has 16 girls. Could we split into smaller groups and stagger times or do you have any other ideas? Please let me know. Thanks


  5. Barb Adams says:

    Hi… I found your business from a link on the Eversewn sewing machine website. Do you sell them? I’m thinking about purchasing one but wanted to see it and how it worked first. Thank you


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